All Facts & Figures From The Last 20

Facts & Figures from the last 20

In the Next 20, we’re going to be marking Haig Barrett’s 20th anniversary by taking a futurist viewpoint on the coming 20 years and the innovations that will change our world across Haig Barrett’s core industries.

To those of you who have been part of our journey over the last 20 years – thank you – it’s been one hell of a ride! To those who haven’t yet joined the Haig Barrett family, we hope that the coming 12 months of the The Next 20 magazine will inspire you to join our journey.

Over the past 20 years, we’ve helped companies save £42million across 500 different projects. We’ve served clients operating in over 10 countries with annualised revenues of over £65 billion. We’ve successfully recruited 100 Senior Consultants and Project Managers for specialised customer placements. We’ve participated in 14 car launches. We’ve conducted business in over 10 different languages. Haig Barrett has collaborated and partnered with over a dozen world-class university professors. And Haig, our CEO has in the process sampled the cuisine of over a 100 different countries (of which his favourite is Japanese)

Over the course of 2020, we’ll be sharing content with you on a range of topics – the industries we serve, inspirational people we’ve worked with, trailblazing people we’d like to work with, our passions and things that make it such a pleasure to lead this organisation. We hope you enjoy the The Next 20 magazine and thanks for coming along with us for this next leg of our journey.