Between The Lines Podcast

Between The Lines: Mercedes Alonso

Care, Courage and Collaboration… Mercedes Alonso’s 3 C’s as she goes Between The Lines with Haig. As Executive VP of Renewable Polymers & Chemicals at Neste and pioneering leader in transformation, Mercedes reveals how she began as a medicine student but found her passion deeply rooted in chemistry as a way to contribute to a more sustainable future. Tracing her meteoric rise to global leader in energy transition provides a truly inspirational story as Mercedes reveals what it takes to run a ‘startup’ within a corporate machine. With Neste already exploring renewables in 2005, they view other energy leaders as partners, not competitors, all geared to making a healthier planet for our children. Mercedes also discusses juggling duties as a business leader and a mother, her advocacy for encouraging more women into Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics as well as the measurable advantages of a truly diverse workforce. Join them to find out about their favourite Spanish foods and how a transformation initiative has helped shape the future at Neste.

As part of our Spotlight on Leadership series: Shaping the FutureTM sponsored by JMW Consultants, Mercedes provides valuable learnings on how she has led successful transformation within an organisation.