Between The Lines Podcast

Between The Lines: Simon Hocquard

This episode we journey from international air travel to ice-skating with Simon Hocquard, who as DG of CANSO leads the organisation that is the global voice of air traffic management. In conversation with Haig, he explores his new grounded lifestyle and gives us his tips on survival – the four Fs: Fitness, Food, Flexibility and Family. Formerly at UK NATS, Simon knows a great deal about leading an organisation through crisis, from managing the total disruption to air traffic in 2010 after the Volcanic eruption, to navigating the fallout of the global pandemic to global air travel. His extensive experience is full of brilliant insights on career development, leadership and future thinking and innovation. Learn about what the future holds for aviation in sustainability, digitisation and resilience.

The first in the Spotlight on Leadership series: Shaping the FutureTM sponsored by JMW Consultants, Simon provides valuable lessons and experience in his own leadership journey, and how his personal approach has been integral to his success.