Spotlight on Entrepreneurship

Between The Lines: Lars Andersen

We are joined by Master of the Company of Entrepreneurs, Lars Andersen. Though born in Norway, Lars takes us behind the scenes of the Livery companies in the City of London and shows his deep knowledge and passion for the heritage and tradition of the capital’s Gilds.  His desire to travel started as a student, where he moved from Paris to Berlin and finally settling in London where he caught the entrepreneur’s bug.  He has been involved with numerous start-ups, from cosmetics to 3D printing, before becoming CEO of his current venture, My Nametags which now trades with 127 countries across the world.  He discusses the valuable lessons learned through embracing failure and provides brilliant insights for other entrepreneurs and the freedom afforded in running your own company.  When he isn’t fishing or cross-country skiing, he likes to read up on ancient history.  Listen in to find out how innovation for the future can draw from past culture and historical tradition.