Spotlight on Entrepreneurship

Between The Lines: Tony Matharu

Tony Matharu, founder of the chain Blue Orchid Hotels, entrepreneur, hotelier, sportsman, philanthropist and patron of London’s Culture Mile. From investing in his first hotel in his late teens to owning the largest independent group in London, Tony’s career is truly inspirational. His deep-rooted passion for the city has driven initiatives, such as the Central London Alliance, which invest and build London back following the difficult pandemic year by supporting businesses, charities and the arts. During the peak of the pandemic, March 2020, Tony launched his new hotel chain which he kept open to key workers, citing Anne Frank ‘Nobody ever becomes poor by giving’. He is also the owner of one of the hottest spots for post-lockdown, The Skyline, with a 360 view of London. Tony is very much part of the rich tapestry of business, entertainment and energy of the city that he so loves. Listen in to find out how Tony’s innovation, creativity and resilience has taken him from his first venture to winning him several awards and becoming one of London’s most proactive advocates.