Spotlight on Entrepreneurship

Between The Lines: Vessela Ignatova

Our guest is Vessela Ignatova, strategy manager, start-up advisor, and investor. Vessela is in the fast lane of the tech ecosystem in London and has over 13 years of experience in strategy for start-ups, corporates, and accelerators. With multiple careers in multiple cities, Sofia (Bulgaria), Paris, New York and London, her unique strategy and operations experience provides vital lessons for small start-ups to help them become market winners. Riding the wave of self-expression and creativity in the 90s, Vessela created her own future and was always in search of the next big thing. Having worked with more than 200 start-ups, Vessela has written a fascinating research piece: ‘Future of Acceleration’ examining the impact of Covid-19 on remote mentoring. Join Vessela and Haig to navigate the start-up ecosystem, learn key entrepreneurial insights and find out what Vessela means in Bulgarian!