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Leaders Behind the Innovation – Three Leaders Who Are Transforming Their Businesses in 2021

The 2020s thus far have forced many companies to transform. The knock-on effects of a pandemic that continues to linger have shifted the goalposts of so many industries almost overnight. Some of the changes were long in the making and have merely had their importance emphasised by the pandemic, whereas… Read More »

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The Rise of Female Leaders in Finance – Three Leaders Who Are Having a Decisive Impact in the Banking World

The historically male-dominated world of finance is undergoing a significant and much needed re-addressment in gender terms. Three female leaders are not only disrupting the industry with long-overdue innovation, but they’re making the entire industry more inclusive, championing female business causes whilst smashing through several glass ceilings along the way. … Read More »

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Closing the Transformation Gap: What steps can you take to bring about significant, lasting value for your organisation?

Companies that are in desperate need of transformation are rarely aware of the seismic waves of change that are about to permanently alter their trajectory. If you think your company has a secure, stable market position, it could be a sign that you’re about to be disrupted.  Accenture found during… Read More »

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Abu Dhabi’s Euro Mechanical Makes Substantial Progress During Difficult Times

Haig Barrett Partners has had the incredible honour of working with Euro Mechanical to pursue their growth journey in the Abu Dhabi oil and gas market. Their recent acquisition of SAMCO was a remarkable success. Additionally, I continue to be fascinated by both Euro Mechanical and the region’s business philosophy, designed to drive long-term success amid so much struggle in so many areas worldwide…Read More »

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The Death of Strategic Planning and How Strategic Foresight Can Help Us Navigate the Pandemic Successfully

If the COVID-19 pandemic has demonstrated anything, it’s that you can’t strategically plan for totally unexpected future events. Or has it? Over the past 20 years, there have been four preceding epidemics that had the potential to inflict the catastrophic damage that COVID-19 has over the last 12 months. The… Read More »

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How an employee first approach is enabling success at Euro Mechanical

EME Outlook featured our client, CEO Jon Rawding of Euro Mechanical and how the employee-first nature of their respond, recover, thrive initiative has helped them defy market trends through building resilience using strategic foresight. Haig Barrett Partners are helping many of our clients use strategic foresight to develop new business… Read More »

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Understanding a Dynamic Industry Through Mergers and Acquisitions – Nigel Walker, That’s Nice LLC

This month, we are also shining the Haig Barrett spotlight on Nigel Walker, Founder and Managing Director, of That’s Nice LLC, a research-driven marketing agency dedicated to life sciences.  Nigel is celebrating his 25th year since setting up That’s Nice. This year, That’s Nice and Haig Barrett Partners are offering industry leaders in… Read More »

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The Future of Car Ownership

There are a myriad of articles plastering the internet that are prophesying about the imminent end of car ownership. There are three main ‘drivers’ that are cited – legislative change, alternative mobility solutions and the rise of automated vehicles. Legislative change centres around countries and select urban environments discouraging and… Read More »

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Creating a formula for business alignment, growth and success

At Haig Barrett Partners, we like to highlight and celebrate our successes as it’s thanks to these that we have an industry leading customer retention rate. The following case study highlights Haig Barrett’s integrated approach, which enabled the client to implement scaleable processes across multiple products and service lines. This… Read More »

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Emily Leproust Discusses Synthetic Biology’s Role in Transforming Therapeutics

The rapidly developing field of synthetic biology has the power to revolutionize many industries including chemicals, food, material science, molecular biology, pharmaceuticals, biotherapeutics, and many others. While numerous fields will and are benefiting from synthetic biology advancements, the medical and therapeutics sectors are arguably taking the lead in adopting synthetic… Read More »

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Engineering Success: Codexis President & CEO Shares Lessons About Corporate Change Management

Given the dynamics of today’s business climate, it might come as no surprise that change management is a topic that emerges constantly as the Haig Barrett team and I interact with executives and executive leadership teams. After years leading the Haig Barrett team to help our clients thrive during periods… Read More »

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Pharma M&A Protecting the Core and Maximizing Value

Article written by Bruce Miles for CPhI North America on behalf of Haig Barrett Inc. and Nice Consulting With a number of mergers and acquisitions taking place in the CRO and CMO/CDMO space, this article highlights several areas driving the success of those new organizations, including: acquisition target criteria, fit with acquiring entity, building management consensus and… Read More »

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Perspectives on Drug Product Pricing Strategy and Practice

Originally published on CPhI North America and Haig Barrett Inc. Drug pricing remains pharma’s most contentious issue. Under tremendous pressure, the industry continues to evolve pricing strategy to satisfy intensive regulation, social/political scrutiny and competitive market forces — how other industries face the challenge of pricing may offer fresh insight to fuel an… Read More »

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Multicultural marketing is no longer innovation, it’s competitive advantage

Customer experience within the healthcare industry is important. Currently, the healthcare industry is in the midst of a turbulent global transformation, and with the advent of technology and the ability to reach consumers across country boundaries, cultural value based strategy and messaging is more important than ever before. Multicultural influence will be driving trends… Read More »