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Emily Leproust Discusses Synthetic Biology’s Role in Transforming Therapeutics

The rapidly developing field of synthetic biology has the power to revolutionize many industries including chemicals, food, material science, molecular biology, pharmaceuticals, biotherapeutics, and many others. While numerous fields will and are benefiting from synthetic biology advancements, the medical and therapeutics sectors are arguably taking the lead in adopting synthetic… Read More »

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Engineering Success: Codexis President & CEO Shares Lessons About Corporate Change Management

Given the dynamics of today’s business climate, it might come as no surprise that change management is a topic that emerges constantly as the Haig Barrett team and I interact with executives and executive leadership teams. After years leading the Haig Barrett team to help our clients thrive during periods… Read More »

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Pharma M&A Protecting the Core and Maximizing Value

Article written by Bruce Miles for CPhI North America on behalf of Haig Barrett Inc. and Nice Consulting With a number of mergers and acquisitions taking place in the CRO and CMO/CDMO space, this article highlights several areas driving the success of those new organizations, including: acquisition target criteria, fit with acquiring entity, building management consensus and… Read More »

All, Updates from Haig

Perspectives on Drug Product Pricing Strategy and Practice

Originally published on CPhI North America and Haig Barrett Inc. Drug pricing remains pharma’s most contentious issue. Under tremendous pressure, the industry continues to evolve pricing strategy to satisfy intensive regulation, social/political scrutiny and competitive market forces — how other industries face the challenge of pricing may offer fresh insight to fuel an… Read More »