Spotlight on Entrepreneurship

The ‘Spotlight on Entrepreneurs’ is our second Between The Lines special series at Haig Barrett Partners sponsored by the City of London’s Company of Entrepreneurs. The Company of Entrepreneurs is part of City of London’s historic livery movement and is a membership organisation of industry leading entrepreneurs who are committed to promoting and supporting excellence in business entrepreneurship. Aside from the fellowship it brings to its member Freemen, it provides a vital network for advice, education and acceleration for entrepreneurs to grow their business, especially those from underserved communities. As partners, we are privileged to align with them to grow the community and celebrate the success of its members.

This ‘Spotlight on Entrepreneurs’ podcast series is hosted by Haig Armaghanian, a corporate transformed entrepreneur and CEO of a strategic consulting company. Having worked in 40+ countries, Haig is a trusted advisor and partner to many prestigious clients working on a wide range of projects across many sectors. Haig brings smart casual conversations to explore business insights with some of the most switched on brains across the globe.

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This ‘Spotlight on Entrepreneurs’ series delves deep into the realm of entrepreneurial wisdom and explores a plethora of distinct entrepreneurial journeys. Haig, as always, brings his philosophy of passionate partnerships to the table for ‘Between The Lines’ as he gets cosy with industry leaders to bring you some great stories, key insights and steer for future business growth.
Between The Lines is putting the passion, humour and humanity back into business conversations!

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Tanya Patel

Tanya Patel, CEO and Founder of Lily & Ribbon, avid Formula 1 fan, and winner of the Asian Women of Achievement Award 2015 for her contribution to business leadership says “Aim for the moon and if you fail then you will land in the stars” Read More…
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Alex Wallace

Alex Wallace, founder at The Mintridge Foundation and Associate Fellow of the Royal Commonwealth Society.  Alex provides a realistic journey of the challenges to becoming an entrepreneur and how you can transform negatives into positives. Read More…
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Vessela Ignatova

Strategy manager, start-up advisor, and investor. Vessela is in the fast lane of the tech ecosystem in London and has over 13 years of experience in strategy for start-ups, corporates, and accelerators. Read More…
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Lars Andersen

Master of the Company of Entrepreneurs.  Lars takes us behind the scenes of the Livery companies in the City of London and has been involved with numerous start-ups, from cosmetics to 3D printing, before becoming CEO of his current venture, My Nametags, which now trades with 127 countries across the world. Read More…
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Tony Matharu

Founder of the chain Blue Orchid Hotels, entrepreneur, hotelier, sportsman, philanthropist and patron of London’s Culture Mile.  Tony’s deep-rooted passion for the city has driven initiatives, such as the Central London Alliance, which invests in building London back up again following the difficult pandemic year by supporting businesses, charities and the arts. Read More…
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